Wish List!!!

We are seeking various items as listed below to help us prepare our vegetable program

Truck / Suv

Any size / type of truck, cube truck or an Suv

Storage Buildings/Shipping Containers:  8' x 20'-30'-40' or 10 x 20'-30'-40' or larger 

Greenhouse and material/equipment:  Greenhouse 20' x 40'-60'-80'+, treated wood, fencing, tanks, Seeds(weed free), irrigation material, mist systems etc.

Miscellaneous Items:

mig, stick welder, air compressor, paint sprayer, various electric/air tools, various plumbing equipment, washer/dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers etc.

Call or email us for additional gifts you have available. Any support provided to our organization is tax deductible per the Internal Revenue Service tax code.

Phone Us:  602 - 904 - 0948

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