Land Donations

Will your organization accept Vacant Land?

Yes! Empty land is often a prime candidate for donations. Whether you bought it at a tax sale, receive the property as an inheritance or bought it as an investment. Our organization can put the land to good use.

Our Land does not have Utilities, will you accept the donation?

Yes! We will install wells, septic, solar panels and tiny homes if allowed per each zoning area. Each area will need to be evaluated. Certain circumstances do apply.

How long does it take to donate a property?


Assuming all documents are in order and the property is "Free and Clear" of liens, court

orders, judgments etc. The process is speedy and can be handled in 1-3 weeks.

What fee's will I be charged?

Typically, Lending Hands of Arizona will cover all closing and recording fees. Lending Hands of Arizona is a "Self-Funded" organization and therefore the funds needed to pay for large commercial/residential properties may not be readily available. (Special Circumstances may apply). In order to receive your tax deduction, you’ll need a current appraisal on the property. According to IRS regulations, Lending Hands of Arizona cannot pay for the appraisal. If you already have a current appraisal, you do not need to get another one.


Our property has a lien and/or a mortgage, will you accept it?


It's possible! We will need to evaluate the property and get back to you as soon as possible. Please fill out our form.


Will your organization accept Developed Property?

Yes! Whether it's commercial, residential, multi-family, single units, farm or other types of agricultural properties donating your property may be the right option for you.


Zoning Issues or areas with high maintenance costs?

Areas with high cost's and hassle of property and building maintenance. Land with zoning issues may also be of value to Lending Hands of Arizona.

What tax benefits will I receive by donating my property to a charity? 

You are able to claim the full market value of your property. Please consult a tax advisor for details.

Do I have to be present at the closing? 


No! we will mail or email all necessary documents for you to sign and have notarized. All legal documents must be mailed or submitted through docusign or similar secure document service. We will mail/email you a copy of the transfer of the title of ownership from the title company. 

What will Lending Hands of Arizona do with the property? 


Depending on the location and size of the property, we may use it for the storage of our donation items. There are many factors for us to consider when we receive property on donation. Some properties that have buildings, homes, warehouses etc. are beyond repair and the cost for our organization to repair such structures is beyond our means. We will demolish and/or sell the property in order to generate funds for our charity.

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