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Welcome, to Lending Hands of Arizona, a 501 c (3) public charity (Self - Funded) organization providing household rehabilitation services, direct donation and food pickup and delivery support in Phoenix and Snowflake, Arizona.

We provide household rehabilitation services to individuals that provide emergency services in the State of Arizona or the United States Armed Forces, such as emergency personnel (Police, Fire), veterans from any era (Master Staff Sergeant and below) and other applicants such as elderly, disabled, disadvantaged, children and low income/poverty level applicants with incomes at/or below


We have special programs for Low income to very low income applicants that are at/or below $10,000.00.

All of our services or household repairs are donated to qualified applicants.


We partner with various contractors that are willing to partner with our organization in order to provide betterment for people in need in the state of Arizona.

We provide support services to other non-profit organizations that are registered with the Internal Revenue Service as a 501 c(3) organization.


    We endeavor to provide betterment for people in all walks of life.

Community Support


We provide support to other organizations listed as 501c(3). Most requests are provided within a timely manner

Household Rehabilitation


Household rehabilitation is provided to qualified applicants.

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